At the Guardian Multi-Family Office, investing to improve lives is at the heart of what we do. We also believe that giving back in the form of community support is important. That’s why we donate to selected charitable organisations whose work is proven to have a positive impact on those they serve.

The charities we work with are carefully chosen organisations whose approaches mirror our own. Like us, they’ve shown that wise investments can help improve their clients’ lives.

The Deepavali Charitable Trust

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Deepavali Charitable Trust supports communities in rural India by offering free healthcare, financial aid, disaster relief and women’s empowerment programmes. Learn more.

Focussing on the greatest need

Serving some of India’s poorest and least privileged people, the Trust is focussed on helping those in the greatest need – regardless of their caste or religion. In particular, the Trust aims to assist women and girls who may otherwise be destined for a life of forced marriage or slavery.

Admirable achievements

As well as enabling thousands of women to achieve economic self-reliance, the Trust provides free, quality medical care to more than 45,000 people each month. When disaster strikes, the Trust provides clothing, blankets and financial aid to those affected.