New portal gives Guardian Sicav investors complete transparency and data-rich insights

Published 23 October 2018
By Maurizio Piglia

At The Guardian Multi Family Office we are committed to providing complete transparency to our clients and the advisory partners we work with. It’s one of the principles at the heart of how we manage The Guardian Sicav fund. We’re always interested in innovative technologies that can help us do this even better. This is one of the reasons why we’ve recently made the move to utilising Edgefolio’s FundPortal to provide interested parties with customised reports and information about The Guardian Sicav sub-funds.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is the opinion of the author, Maurizio Piglia, and is not intended as financial advice. You should always seek independent advice, tailored to your unique situation and objectives, before investing.

About FundPortal

FundPortal is an online investor portal that gives our clients access to a wealth of information about the investments they make using The Guardian Sicav Fund. As well as offering instant access to portfolio information from anywhere in the world, FundPortal is totally secure, fully compliant and very intuitive.

Following extensive research and a comprehensive due diligence process, FundPortal’s innovative platform stood out as the right technology for our fund and investors. It’s designed by Edgefolio – a leading techology advisor in the asset management space. Working with the Edgefolio team, we have tailored the platform to suit the needs of our fund, our clients and the advisors we work with.

Benefits for Guardian Sicav clients and advisors


FundPortal allows clients to access all the data and documents for their investments, as well as commentary and performance information, online from one place. This means our clients and advisory partners can access all their investment information, as and when they need it.


The FundPortal system also provides investors with frequent notifications about performance updates, commentary and fund news. Not only do these help our Guardian Sicav clients and their advisors to keep up-to-date with their investments, but they also help to keep clients engaged with, and in control of, their investment portfolios.

Powerful Insights

The level of insights provided by this technology was one of the core reasons we chose the FundPortal platform. The data-rich insights offered through FundPortal allow us to enhance our delivery of in-depth financial information, reporting and analysis to our clients and their advisors. Investors are able to access risk and return metrics for their portfolio on an absolute, relative and correlative basis to augment fund information.

Delivering FundPortal to Sicav fund clients

We’re excited to be able to deliver the FundPortal platform to our Sicav fund clients. Our approach to managing The Guardian Sicav and its sub-funds is to leverage our significant expertise and our global network of financial contacts to identify the best investments and domiciles to achieve our clients’ financial objectives.

No two clients are the same and now Sicav investors can access their own specific, detailed investment information on a secure, compliant platform – anytime that suits them.

All they have to do is contact Scott Masters at The Guardian Multi Family Office Ltd via to register their interest and arrange the necessary login to access the platform.

More about The Guardian Sicav

The Guardian Sicav was initiated by The Guardian Multi Family Office Ltd and SELECTRA MANAGEMENT COMPANY S.A. is its management company. It is authorised for distribution in Luxembourg and is incorporated as a Société Anonyme, qualifiying as a UCITS under the law of 17 December 2010.

To discover more about its sub-funds, contact us.


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